A New DevOps Guide for IT Service Delivery

devops Transformation GuideFor years I have been dealing with the daily problems associated with managing IT service delivery. And I finally think I have figure it out.

Here are a couple of solutions being used for service delivery:

  • ITIL is one which I have participated in implementing various components of the framework. Overall it works but is too heavy for small operations.
  • Another is DevOps which is a leaner solution and focuses more on changing the culture and using common sense. This one, I like.

As I said, it’s been a few years now and I have seen the Pros and Cons of both. But as of recently I have really grown to understand the value of DevOps and how to get it rolling.

This post is to announce the release of a simple ¬†guide I have written. It’s called the¬†DevOps Transformation Guide. There are five steps covered that focus on the real areas which require attention before true improvement can occur.