My Best SEO Post Went Unread

seo-before-changesThis week I was rummaging through articles I’ve written and I found this piece I wrote last year. It’s called “The Evolution of SEO

Considering the frame of mind I was in I guess I can understand why I wrote it.

You see, I had just saw 90% of the hard work I had invested in (literally years in doing), vanish with one of Google’s updates.

Actually, after reading it again, my thoughts have turned out to be fairly accurate about what Google has been doing.

But I do also sense a bit of jealousy over people who have just been flat-out lucky doing what most of us haven’t been able to do.

And as I wrote in the post, it’s just the luck of the draw getting there before everyone else.

An interesting thought was how the one’s who got the richest during the gold rush were selling tools – does that sound familiar?

My thoughts have changed since writing this post and I almost took the post down out of sheer grief.

I think my head is screwed back on right and I have been able to recover nearly 50% of my traffic.

The fact I wasn’t doing any bad SEO and still got hammered still vexes my soul.

Update: Something new I’m testing is the best keyword software for SEO.


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