Pressing On…

I’m pressing on and at it again.


First off, I created an eCommerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce. I’m going to cross my fingers and see how it goes. If you want to see what it looks like go to Good Wearables.

New eBook

Next, I’ve been busy re-purposing a lot of the articles I’ve written about DevOps. DevOps is a service delivery style I’ve been using during my day job to solve service delivery issue between IT and development. It definitely makes a difference. I’ve turned these articles into an eBook called Shades of DevOps and published it in DevOps eBook.

New Blog Theme

And finally, I have been upgrading my main blog, VM Install. For the longest time I was using Artisteer for my theme framework, and it was fine for the longest time. But I noticed my page open times was slow and it was mostly due to all the extra lines of code Artisteer adds to make the pages transferable between different platforms. It’s cool how it works but it adds overhead. So now I am running on Genesis and I have the Sample Theme customize to closely match what my site looked like with VMiblu, which was the theme I created in Artisteer.


Your turn...

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