Lips and Eyes eBook

Lips and EyesLips & Eyes is a collection of Heartbreak love songs (Psalms), I’ve written over the years.

These nine Psalms embellish the kind of LOVE that hurts like a son-of-a-gun.

My inspiration for each Psalm comes from my own youthful experiences, 28 years of marriage, and nurturing a daughter through teenage years.

Reflected in these pages are the tough lessons love has taught.

Why publish a book of song lyrics and call them Psalms?

Well, LOVE is a BIG part of life and if you’ve been alive long enough, you can relate to what I am musing about.

…And, even if these song lyrics aren’t being performed with music, they still have a powerful emotional effect.

Why the title, Lips, and Eyes?

Take a deep breath and think for a minute how painful life would be if you were reminded of a “LOST” love by every set of Lips and Eyes you see!

This is the kind of Heartbreak these Psalms are about.

Let’s see if you can get to the end of this eBook without feeling a personal connection with these Psalms and taking-in how VICIOUS love can be…

Listen to Smoke and Mirrors Demo on YouTube

Read more about Lips and Eyes eBook on Amazon


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