Practicing SEO Almost Makes Perfect Sense

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SEO for Beginners

Lately, I’ve been toying around with a new SEO tool I found while researching on Youtube for SEO tips for 2013.

I’ve decided I’m not wasting my time on the old SEO stuff anymore and I will start focusing and practicing SEO for the new search world we now live in.

Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai

The tool is called Traffic Travis and for now, I am only using the FREE version…

…and compared to Market Samurai, it seems to be faster and easier to use.

The only drawback to Traffic Travis is it’s subscription-based where MS was a flat fee…that was until lately when Market Samurai started wanting subscription fees for features that used to be bundled.

I can honestly say I haven’t opened MS for 2 weeks now and have enjoyed my experience with Traffic Travis, even with its limited trial version. Max of 5 sites you can track, 100 pages, limited keyword searches, and a few other things.

Here’s how easy Traffic Travis was to use:

After 3 days of practicing SEO for beginners, I was able to get a new website with no ranking to rank on Bing and Yahoo for Best Phoenix Auto Repair, the jury is still out for when it will rank in Google.

It makes perfect sense to continue using this new SEO tool and see what benefits I find.

Although the proof will be if it helps to rank in Google – then I will pay the $97 a 1-year subscription for the full version.

Finally, one note of caution!

I did notice a lot of people have mentioned they have been blocked by Google when using Traffic Travis because of the SERP and keyword searches.

This can also happen with Market Samurai when you don’t use a proxy IP address.

I guess another new reality is practicing SEO is risky business…


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