The Ramblings of Joe

I found another great blog and podcast to help me learn online marketing, check out SocialTriggers! Derek has the best interviews on the topic.

A couple of new projects I’m working on lately are:

Homer’s Christian Auto Care (updated to Gotcha Garage)

ScapeKing Premium Litchfield Park Lawn Care

Both sites are new and it will be interesting to see if either of them will rank with all the changes Google and Bing have been doing.

Other interesting things going on are:

The crazy news about North Korea, wow!

…and the US job market has improved, Yahoo!!!

To think, Romney would have taken credit for the improved economy if he would have been elected!

Also, I’ve learned some new blog writing tactics on formatting and choosing post titles, you can never be too careful with Google’s prying eyes about these two subjects.

Finally, I did a collection post on VM Install called VMware for Beginners: A collection of 16 Virtualization Basics. This post summarizes all my blog posts related to VMware such as P2V Checklist, Resume Tip, VM Templates, etc…


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