Prepared for Luck…

prepared for luckWhile thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2013, I thought about the idea of just being “Prepared for Luck.”

As I see it, history books and current day news are full of people that were prepared when luck arrived! 

These people weren’t as special as we’d like to think, mostly they were “Lucky” to be in the right place, at the right time, and most importantly in the right mindset!

Let me explain what I mean…

Think for a moment about famous men and women who found themselves in a moment of opportunity to perform acts of greatness, what I see are normal people. And, aside from those individuals who are unmatched in talent, brains or athletic abilities, most of these lucky people were just willing to risk – act – and learned as they went.

Take the Wright Brothers for example, do you think the flying machine would not have been invented by someone else had Wilbur and Orville not been first?

Or take the Model A & T. Would we still be riding in the horse and buggy if Henry Ford didn’t succeed? I’m sorry but I believe the automobile and the production line would have been invented anyways, maybe not when they were, or by Henry, but still invented.

Fast forward things to today. Sorry if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, but I also believe an iPhone type device would have been invented – and – I believe there’s something even better than an iPhone still waiting to be invented….maybe it’s an idea still in the inventor’s mind waiting for them to act on it?

Point of this post…an Excuse to Let you off the Hook…

Aside from all the unique cases, to me, it’s an excuse to think the people that invent or do great things are special.

You may ask why I feel this way?

Here’s why – because I think it lets us off the hook from acting ourselves. If we convince ourselves it requires us to be perfect or special in some way then we have an excuse for not acting…

Timing Luck

The real reason these famous people are special is that they acted when Luck presented itself.

The fact that Steve Jobs’ ideas are awesome is trivial, what made Steve great was because he was a man who acted at the right time and was not afraid to fail, or – maybe failing in the bigger picture to Steve was his greater fear, and that’s what motivated him to act?

Risk failure because you’re afraid to risk failure…

So how do you time luck?

Daily there are opportunities that happen for all of us. Maybe it’s an idea for your job, or maybe it’s a book you’ve been wanting to write, or maybe it’s to help someone in need, or … maybe it’s something crazy that nobody has ever heard about but you’ve seen it in your minds-eye.

This stuff is always going on.

For example, maybe we have an epiphany and it get’s our adrenaline running for just a moment before we rationalize it out of our thoughts because of fear and because it’s something we could never do, right? Wrong!

I agree if you’re always starting and never finishing stuff that you don’t waste your time.

But think about this – how many super cool things – might have been – if they were finished. How many super cool things – will still be – because those special people that are prepared for luck are ready to act when the moment of opportunity or inspiration meets up with them on their way to work or in a dream?

The secret is, luck times you so be ready…

Make your Goal to be Prepared for Luck

For my New Year’s goal, I’ve decided to just be prepared for luck!

Will you join me and let’s do something to be remembered by…


Your turn...

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