Staying Busy During the Holidays

swimming pool serviceWhile most normal people were celebrating the Christmas weekend shopping, visiting family and taking back gifts, I was working on another WordPress blog about Swimming Pool Service.

This blog is about the hindsight and realities of owning a swimming pool!

Applying Counter Tactics

I’ve had a few blogs do okay, but after Google made their changes they’ve just been surviving, mostly bottom feeding. Also, so you know, I didn’t use any black hat tactics, they were just ordinary WordPress blogs with good original content.

But, my new blog about swimming pool service will sport all the secrets I’ve learned over the last year reading how the Pros do it: meta tags, on-page SEO, backlinks  proper keyword placement and other tactics too secret for me to share publicly (just kidding, they are all on Neil Patel’s website).

Anyways, I plan to see if what I’ve learned and applied on my new website about swimming pool service pans out because I really did bust my butt during the holiday weekend writing and editing, and customizing, and rewriting and customizing some more… all while you were celebrating Christmas!

To see the blogging tactics in action, check out my post on Dirty Swimming Pools

BTW, Have an Awesome 2013!


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