Can You Make Money on HubPages?

IT Manager

Today I launched a post on HubPages for the first time to find out if I can make some extra cash from my articles – writing.

Keeping My Hubpages Simple

As an IT Manager with 15 years of experience, I’ve written numerous questionnaires used for interviewing technical staff so I decided to post a questionnaire and find out what happens.

Here’s a short excerpt from the post:

How to Interview Virtualization Engineers

These virtualization engineer interview questions are designed to help determine the level of hands-on experience someone has because it is possible to answer most technical questions normally asked in an interview with knowledge gained from a VCP Prep website, or even attending a basic installation and configuration class. These questions are based on scenarios only known, or dealt with, by someone who has been exposed to projects, problems, or issues faced in a real world vSphere environment.

And here’s a link to read the full post on HubPages: VMware Interview Questions



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