ChezWebz Website Projects and Progress: Rebuilding After Google Penguin and Panda

It’s been a while since my last post and things have been pretty crazy after Google updates crashed my website.

First of all, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates really hurt my personal blog about virtualization technology, which is purely a personal blog that is not used for anything shady(black-hat).

It went from 8000 unique visitors monthly down to 1200. I have managed to turn the tide by updating and tweaking the site’s SEO but it’s still far from what it was.

I have mixed emotions about what Google is doing because I feel Google does it for the money (greed), then I feel the Internet has gotten way over-saturated with spam-websites. Note: this was a website I have been blogging on about VMware since 2007.

Secondly, I convinced my wife to start blogging on her domain and she has allowed me to post her homework from school. There’s an essay about Childhood Obesity and another essay called Children of Divorce.

She seems to be getting more interested because she’s gotten feedback from people at school and her FaceBook network that they enjoy reading what she writes about. If you do happen to visit her website please leave her some feedback.

Google results for traffic reportThen there’s the Traffic Report website I started called I started this website to test the SEO advice I read on popular blogs.

So far the advice is working and the test is conclusive that picking high competition keywords will get you “zero” traffic.

And domain name matches will help get you ranked on Google (see traffic report screenshot) but unless the domain name is a high-value keyword, what good is it being ranked number one? Nobody is searching for Traffic Report HQ…

Finally, I started another blog on virtualization technology and I was lucky enough to register the matching key phase domain name: Virtualization Reviews: Product Reviews Virtualization Reviews.

I really thought I was lucky then within one week of having the site up and writing 3 virtualization review posts, the site was hacked and defaced.

I’ve rebuilt the site and have one suspect from Sweden. Hey if you don’t want people building a website with a similar name, then either trademark the name or register the similar domain names to protect your market. Virtualization technology is far too large for a market for just one virtualization review site. It was a good learning experience for me.

Well, that does it for this post – stay EnPowered and use WordPress, and please share this post or leave feedback!


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