Busy Weekend Revising Websites: TileGig Takes First Position on Google!

tile jobI’ve been on a roll this weekend revising many of my WordPress websites. One, in particular, is Phoenix Tile Installer website, TileGig.

I originally created this website for a friend about 3 years ago. He does residential tile install jobs, or gigs as he likes to calls them. He’s actually pretty good and I had him install Saltillo Tile in my living room and back porch, it looks fantastic.

Anyways, three years ago when I first created TileGig, I coded it in straight HTML using FrontPage, and then pretty much just forgot about the site. Well, yesterday I notice it was ranking 3rd down on the target keywords so I thought; I’m up for the challenge to get TileGig to number one.

Over the next 5 hours, I converted the site over to WordPress, created a logo,  and designed a custom theme with Artisteer (I wanted to get a similar look and feel for color scheme)– it looks sweet, to me anyways! 🙂

While doing the HTML to WordPress conversion, I followed my best practices and optimized the content and followed Google SEO recommendations. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast, but this morning TileGig was already at the number one spot, WooHoo!

Like I said in an earlier post, WordPress EmPowers me, and I really enjoy creating something new. Check out the screenshot below of TileGig, before and after.

Before (HTML):

Tile Jobs in Arizona

After (WordPress):

Tile jobs in Arizona


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