Empowered By WordPress

I was like so many other people who had a dream or desire of writing something interesting enough that someone else would actually read, “POWERLESS” until WordPress Empowered me…

I was powerless until WordPress Empowered me…

Step by Step VirtualizationMy dream to write festered for nearly 3 decades until about 5 years ago when I found out about WordPress, and like a starved man, I immediately started my first blog called VMinstall where I blogged about my experiences as an IT professional dealing with the “step by step” installation of VMware and other virtual server technologies.

The VMinstall blog is still online. I update it every 2 – 3 months and it gets around 8,000 visitors every 30 days. I also started a few other blogs, using a private hosting account, which have had their ups and downs. I’ll share their stories here soon, too.

Grateful for WordPress

I would still be suffering in the dark with thoughts and ideas that would never get shared with others, if it wasn’t for WordPress. WordPress has “Empowered” me to write! In this blog I will document my adventure building WordPress blogs.

Check out my latest post: VMware Health Check


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