My Best SEO Post Went Unread

seo-before-changesThis week I was rummaging through articles I’ve written and I found this piece I wrote last year. It’s called “The Evolution of SEO

Considering the frame of mind I was in I guess I can understand why I wrote it.

You see, I had just saw 90% of the hard work I had invested in (literally years in doing), vanish with one of Google’s updates.

Actually, after reading it again, my thoughts have turned out to be fairly accurate about what Google has been doing.

But I do also sense a bit of jealousy over people who have just been flat-out lucky doing what most of us haven’t been able to do.

And as I wrote in the post, it’s just the luck of the draw getting there before everyone else.

An interesting thought was how the one’s who got the richest during the gold rush were selling tools – does that sound familiar?

My thoughts have changed since writing this post and I almost took the post down out of sheer grief.

I think my head is screwed back on right and I have been able to recover nearly 50% of my traffic.

The fact I wasn’t doing any bad SEO and still got hammer still vexes my soul, though.

Anyways, check it out if you want to read the best SEO post ever written that went unread…

Pressing On…

I’m pressing on and at it again.


First off, I created an eCommerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce. I’m going to cross my fingers and see how it goes. If you want to see what it looks like go to Good Wearables.

New eBook

Next, I’ve been busy re-purposing a lot of the articles I’ve written about DevOps. DevOps is a service delivery style I’ve been using during my day job to solve service delivery issue between IT and development. It definitely makes a deference. I’ve turned these articles into an eBook called Shades of DevOps, and published it on DevOps eBook.

New Blog Theme

And finally, I have been upgrading my main blog, VM Install. For the longest time I was using Artisteer for my theme framework, and it was fine for the longest time. But I noticed my page open times were slow and it was mostly due to all the extra lines of code Artisteer adds to make the pages transferable between difference platforms. It’s cool how it works but it adds overhead. So now I am running on Genesis and I have the Sample Theme customize to closely match what my site looked like with VMiblu, which was the theme I created in Artisteer.

A New DevOps Guide for IT Service Delivery

devops Transformation GuideFor years I have been dealing with the daily problems associated with managing IT service delivery. And I finally think I have figure it out.

Here are a couple of solutions being used for service delivery:

  • ITIL is one which I have participated in implementing various components of the framework. Overall it works but is too heavy for small operations.
  • Another is DevOps which is a leaner solution and focuses more on changing the culture and using common sense. This one, I like.

As I said, it’s been a few years now and I have seen the Pros and Cons of both. But as of recently I have really grown to understand the value of DevOps and how to get it rolling.

This post is to announce the release of a simple  guide I have written. It’s called the DevOps Transformation Guide. There are five steps covered that focus on the real areas which require attention before true improvement can occur.

Anomaly In Web Traffic Turns 40 Visitors Daily Into 840 (What’s Up Google?)

entry level jobs

It was cool while it lasted!

I have no idea what caused this anomaly but in January one of my websites about QA tester jobs went off the rails and bounced from a measly 40 visitors a day to 840 before mysteriously dropping back down to 50. I know I didn’t do anything to cause this but it shows the POWER Google has.

Do you have an experience like this to share?

Lips and Eyes eBook

Lips and EyesLips & Eyes is a collection of Heartbreak love songs (Psalms), I’ve written over the years.

These nine Psalms embellish the kind of LOVE that hurts like a son-of-a-gun.

My inspiration for each Psalm comes from my own youthful experiences, 28 years of marriage, and nurturing a daughter through teenage years.

Reflected in these pages are the tough lessons love has taught.

Why publish a book of song lyrics and call them Psalms?

Well, LOVE is a BIG part of life and if you’ve been alive long enough, you can relate to what I am musing about.

…And, even if these song lyrics aren’t being performed with music, they still have a powerful emotional effect.

Why the title, Lips and Eyes?

Take a deep breath and think for a minute how painful life would be if you were reminded of a “LOST” love by every set of Lips and Eyes you see!

This is the kind of Heartbreak these Psalms are about.

Let’s see if you can get to the end of this eBook without feeling a personal connection with these Psalms and taking-in how VICIOUS love can be…

Listen to Smoke and Mirrors Demo on YouTube

Read more about Lips and Eyes eBook on Amazon

Practicing SEO Almost Makes Perfect Sense

best phoenix auto repair pic

SEO for Beginners

Lately I’ve been toying around with a new SEO tool I found while researching on Youtube for SEO tips for 2013.

I’ve decided I’m not wasting my time on the old SEO stuff anymore and I will start focusing and practicing SEO for the new search world we now live in.

Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai

The tool is called Traffic Travis and for now I am only using the FREE version…

…and compared to Market Samurai, it seems to be faster and easier to use.

The only draw back to Traffic Travis is it’s subscription based where MS was a flat fee…that was until lately when Market Samurai started wanting a subscription fees for features that used to be bundled.

I can honestly say I haven’t opened MS for 2 weeks now and have enjoyed my experience with Traffic Travis, even with it’s limited trail version. Max of 5 site you can track, 100 pages, limited keyword searches and a few other things.

Here’s how easy Traffic Travis was to use:

After 3 days of practicing SEO for beginners, I was able to get a new website with no ranking to rank on Bing and Yahoo for Best Phoenix Auto Repair, the jury is still out for when it will rank in Google.

It makes perfect sense to continue using this new SEO tool and see what benefits I find.

Although the proof will be if it helps to rank in Google – then I will pay the $97 a 1 year subscription for the full version.

Finally, one note of caution!

I did notice a lot of people have mentioned they have been blocked by Google when using Traffic Travis because of the SERP and keyword searches.

This can also happen with Market Samurai when you don’t use a proxy IP address.

I guess another new reality is practicing SEO is risky business…

The Ramblings of Joe

I found another great blog and podcast to help me learn online marketing, check out SocialTriggers! Derek has the best interviews on the topic.

A couple of new projects I’m working on lately are:

Homer’s Christian Auto Care

ScapeKing Premium Litchfield Park Lawn Care

Both sites are new and it will be interesting to see if either of them will rank with all the changes Google and Bing have been doing.

Other interesting things going on are:

The crazy news about North Korea, wow!

…and the US job market has improved, Yahoo!!!

To think, Romney would have taken credit for the improved economy if he would have been elected!

Also, I’ve learned some new blog writing tactics on formatting and choosing post titles, you can never be too careful with Google’s prying eyes about these two subjects.

Finally, I did a collection post on VM Install called VMware for Beginners: A collection of 16 Virtualization Basics. This post summarizes all my blog posts related to VMware such as: P2V Checklist, Resume Tip, VM Templates, etc…


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